B is for Boredom

I spent quite a number of years trying to avoid it like a plague until I learnt how to appreciate uneventful times.

To a certain extent, I might have been influenced by the idea that boredom has to be tedious, or dull, or both; and so I was trying to fill every awake moment with activities, something to do, to clean, something, whatever.

How to blame one who tries to avoid boredom when so many philosophers taught us that boredom is evil, a plague of the soul, and the Church – for those who believe- has even included it into the 7 deadly sins?!

Truth is, being bored is not something for every day; there are days when having nothing to do leads more to anxiety than introspection, and the feelings of emptiness overcome the feeling of rest.

But when all the right circumstances are there, boredom is the blessing of having time to exist, just that, nothing more, nothing less.

And when I am on the verge of getting bored of being bored, I remind myself of Aldous Huxley’s quote: “Boredom is the symbol of [his] liberty – [his] excessive freedom”.

Feeling bored and tired of it? The A to Z April Challenge will keep your mind busy!


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