E is for Emergency

This time, I am using my letter from the A to Z challenge to support a humanitarian organisation, to which I am proud of contributing: Emergency.

Originally established in Italy by Gino and Teresa Strada, its aim is to bring high quality medical and surgical support in war zones; since its foundation, more than 7 million people have been treated in the numerous clinics opened in several disadvantaged areas.

But on top of that, it is also committed to spreading the values of peace, and actively tried to enforce the current implementation of Art. 11 of the Italian constitution stating: “Italy is a country which repudiates war as a meaning of conflict resolution”.
Most importantly, it has always been committed to treating patients irrespectively of which side of the conflicts they are and is valiantly fighting to remain apolitical and neutral.

Since its creation, back in 1994, the association has expanded outside Italy and now groups of volunteers are working also in several other countries.
Here is the list of the different pages, hope you’ll have the time to have a look and maybe a little support too!

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