H is for History

I love history, so this one it’s easy for me.

History is who we are, and why we are; it is not only world history, it can be our family history, our own history, the one we already made, the one we want to make.

Not knowing the history is the best way to fail in the future, regardless if you are a world leader trying to run your country or an individual trying to make sense of your life.

History is powerful, as its shadow is long and sometimes dark; it is exciting, because it gives the clues to understand today; it is a challenge, because it is rarely served on a silver plate and one needs to put the pieces together to get it in its full complexity.

But history is tricky, too: put it in the wrong hands and it will be mixed, reshuffled, and finally proposed like the ultimate revelation to whoever is ready to accept a pre-cooked verity.

History is a tool, not an end; because for its own nature, it doesn’t have an end. History is an evolving creature, it develops by the minute and it is generous and inclusive; everyone can participate and each one of us can create our own history.

It sounds scary, every now and then, the idea of being the author of your own history, but it is also the most important thing we can do in our life: make our lives worth of looking back at them, at a certain point, and realise we learned from our mistakes, we improved where we could and we wrote not the overall perfect history, but the best possible history for us.

At the end of the day, we make our own history, we are our own hitory; better make something amazing out of it!


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