I is for Instinct

I is for instinct, something that I overlooked more often than I should have in the past.

I considered myself a pretty logical person; I loved the cause-consequences reassuring linearity. I might actively have been snobbish toward those who followed their instinct: I was wrong.

I came to realise that our brain is a really amazing gift: it registers and puts togheter information that consciously we would never piece together. 

It is a good ally, the instinct, and its only concern is our safety, especially, when we nonchalantly walk the path of our life ignoring it.

How I learned that? By failing to listen to my instinct when it was screaming at me: “Run, run and never look back”. But then and there I shut it down: how could I have done otherwise when seemingly I was in the perfect place? Too bad, soon enought, but still too late for me not to pay the consequences, it turned out it was not so perfect after all.

Had I picked up the clues my instinct collected, had I listened, who knows?, I would have saved myself so much pain. 

But something I have saved from there: that when my gut feelings tell me to get away, now I start running.


  1. My best decisions in life have always been a happy marriage of heart and head and gut. Ignoring any one of the three typically leads to unhappiness. Lovely blog! A fellow A to Zer stopping by.


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