J is for Joy

Ok, I will not lie: for a second, I thought to dedicate this J of the A to Z challenge to Jerks.

But right the moment it crossed my mind, I consciously decided that they do not deserve any more of my time nor any space on this blog, which I somehow came to see as my safe place.

And to honour it, I am going with Joy. Too often I do not realise that I felt joy, if not after I’ve experienced it and it is gone; so today’s post is my own inventory of things that bring joy to my life, my emotional band-aids, sometimes, or the icing on the cake, some others.

Joy is when I am at ease with myself, and I feel safe regardless of where I am.

Joy is watching my cats playing around, like now.

Joy is knowing that a new book is waiting for me on my bed table, and I am going to love it.

Joy is being aware that, among some of the jerks mentioned above, I am surrounded by a number of friends I would not trade for any treasure: they are my treasures, my rocks and my strengths when I am down.

Joy is writing , and knowing I can write whatever I want because I have been lucky enough to be born in a free country and to live in a free country.

Joy is when I find something I don’t like about me and I manage to change it.

Joy is knowing that, regardless of all the moral bruises, I am still standing.

Joy is when my inner overly critical voice tries to belittle something I did and I manage to shut the voice down, and just enjoy the moment.

Joy is being able to go to bed knowing I didn’t do perfectly, but I did my best.

Joy is precious, and rare, and contrary to many beliefs, for me it does not reside in big events; it is hidden, sometimes very well, into normal moments, fragments of real life, split seconds of light in a dark day; and in its complexity, in all the emotions it triggers, in all the memories it creates, it is as simple as that: just a moment to cherish in days to come.


  1. I think your writing about jerks could have been entertaining!! but good on you for picking joy instead of giving them any space in your place. You have a very engaging writing style!! I am writing on similar themes with this challenge – using feelings for each letter of the alphabet.

    @Samantha/samratkel from
    Shadow Realities


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