L is for Lightness

L is for Lightness, but not in its original meaning, nothing has to do with the reflection of light.

When I think about Lightness, I associate it with the philosophical idea of “absence of emotional weight”.

When I thought about it, I often wondered what were the weights we all carry on our shoulders and are dragging us down, preventing us from evolving into a better person: sometimes are other people, sometimes are family issues, sometimes is that job you don’t like but you cannot quit.

I try to surround myself with healthy people, I am lucky enough not to have serious family issues and I am fine with my job: so I found myself taken aback by not being able to pinpoint what were my weights, though I knew I had some, because I was grounded, because I felt (unhealthily) stuck.

Memories, that’s it. My personal, burdensome weights are the memories. And that’s what I am trying to do, to lighten the weight of memories.

One comment

  1. Sometimes one memory can lighten the load of another. Here from the A-Z and wish you all the best for the rest of the challenge

    Ninja Minion


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