M is for Maze

M is for Maze. It could have been also for “My gosh, I forgot to post my M post yesterday” but I thought Maze would work just fine anyway.

Maze: a such a short word representing such a complex topic. Labyrinths, where at every turn one could be trapped, or find the exit he longed for.

Maze is multiple, loose threads, intertangling and intertwining inordinately, and more one tries to dissipate their confusing pattern, the more intricated they become.

We are maze: intricated and convoluted human beings, composed of so many threads we almost cannot distinguish them anymore. Uniquely shaped by the intersection of so many passages and routes, all the paths we have walked in life, that intersect in such a way that there is no easy course to follow. Beautifully molded by a complexity of experiences, mistakes, successes, happiness, sadness.

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