S is for Subside

S is for Subside. I like its sound, the way it seems to evoke the action it represents.

Subside is bowing your head a bit.

Subside is the suspended moment, after the fight and before the fall.

Susbide is  restoring, turbulences gone, adrenaline lowered.

Subside, when you know you tried your best, but your best was not enough.

Subside is not defeat, though. Subside is acknowledging this battle is over, and the time has come to adjust to how things are. Susbide is accepting that reality is what it is and sometimes, the only way it is looking at it, staring at it, and accepting that some dreams are better left behind.

It doesn’t mean there won’t be dreams anymore, nor that everything is immutable. But for now, it is enough. You tried as hard as you could: it didn’t work. Get some rest, cry a bit, if you need to,  don’t be ashamed – you tried your best – and gather your strengths.

There is much more ahead, or at least, that’s what I have been told.


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