U is for Under

U is for Under.

Under the weather, for all those days when waking up is so hard that it seems impossible. But you still get up, put up an happy face and face the world.

Under the mask, for all those times you wear a mask, “yeah, I am fine”, “how are you?” “all ok” and inside you are crying your heart off.

Under breath, for all the whispered words you wanted to shout, and instead your murmured and no one was there to listen.

Underwater, for all the emotions that shake you below the surface, and outside, you are unmoved, while inside havoc unleashes.

Under that spell, for all those times you tried to run away from something, from someone, just to find out there was nowhere to hide, nowhere to run, no place was safe enough to lick your wounds.

Under the assumption, for all the decisions you made thinking you knew it all, just to witness your certainties crumble in front of your eyes. And you powerless could only watch the remains of what you thought you had, what you thought you knew, dissipate in the fog of the unknown.

Under your skin, for all those moments that will not go away, for all these people who will not disappear from your memories, no matter how hard you try, no matter how hurt you are. Because what is under your skin cannot be scratch away; it cannot be wiped off. It is part of you, you like it or not.



  1. *hugs* ❤️
    Under for understanding that the hard times and the trials we face help shape who we are and prepare us for the future. Allowing ourselves to learn how to cope and how to share our experience with others who suffer so that we may help them through dark times.


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