Z is for Zoo.

Z is for Zoo.

Here it comes, at the 11th hour, the last post of my AtoZ challenge and it has to be about my cats, my personal zoo.

I mentioned them here and there, but I think they deserve finally a proper introduction.

Although they are brothers, they are quite different, the opposite, actually: Maelstrom (the white one) is a cat as you would imagine a cat. Snobbish, elegant, usually comes around for food or cuddles only at his earliest convenience.

Otherwise, he can be spotted doing some work around the house: just recently, he entered an IT career by chewing my MacBook charger (not plugged) and rearranging my bedroom curtains (by removing them).
Cagliostro (the grey one) is the other way round: he loves cuddles, and follows you around the house, always.


Literally, everywhere.

He masters the art of persuasion which he puts into practice by looking at you with these enormous eyes wide open, slightly begging, until he gets what he wants. If you refuse (because, for example, is unhealthy for a cat to drink coffee), he widens his eyes even more, like he just witnessed you butchering his whole family. And you start your guilty trip.
He is an artist, too: you might find him enjoying the latest bestsellers on the night table (read: sleeping on the bestsellers) or educating himself by watching some documentaries. Always right in front of the screen and in the middle of it.

They both care deeply for my survival, and therefore like to make sure I am alive every morning. Every morning. Early morning.
If I weren’t that I am so good at wasting time, I could actually make it to work at the crack of dawn.

They also helped in this challenge, by making sure that my computer would be always at the right temperature that they checked relentlessly by sleeping on the keyboard. Yes, they manage to both fit on top of a keyboard.

They entertain me endlessly: and I am grateful they chose me (I live by the rule that pets decide on their humans). Now time to go and check what they are doing: the house is very silent, and this is rarely a good sign.



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