Reflection on the A to Z challenge.

A few words on the A to Z challenge, which has concluded on the 30th of April and, to my own surprise, I managed to complete, even if with some delay in posting every now and then.

I can only say nice things about it: the idea is great, and it gives free space to individual creativity while at the same time encouraging people to write. For me, getting back to write (and this time in my second language) has been a great way to test what I could and couldn’t do, and I found out, or rather confirmed, that I love writing.

The icing on the cake has been the chance to discover other blogs and interact with other bloggers: I discovered a number of blogs that I will keep on following, and for someone who loves reading like me, it is great.

Now, a few lines of “thank you”: thanks to the organisers of the challenge, who ran it perfectly, and thanks to all of you who read patiently my going all over the place while following the alphabet; thanks to those who commented on my posts, all extremely kind and encouraging (my ego thanks you too, profoundly) and the people I have the chance to meet in person who actually complimented me “live”.


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