Gender violence in Italy: the cultural challenge toward a safer country for women.

179 women have been killed – an average of one victim every two days – in Italy in 2013. 122 of them have died at the hand of a male relative, partner or ex-partner.

152 women have been killed in Italy in 2014, 77% inside the family circle, with a rate of 3.7 per million resident women versus 2.7 per million resident men at risk of domestic violence.

A woman every three between the age of 16 and 70 years has, at a certain point in her life, been a victim of psychological, sexual or physical violence, mostly by a man she knows: only rarely the aggressor is a stranger.

In crude numbers, it means that more than 6 million women in Italy, in the course of their lifetime, have experienced some sort of violence by a man; in 20% of the cases physical violence, in 21% sexual violence (not rape) and in 5.4% rape: 10% of the victims has been sexually abused before turning 16 years old.

Compared with 2012, 61% more abuses have been perpetrated against women with young children, 90% of whom has witnessed the violence and 90% of the women who suffered domestic abuse report they started or continued also during pregnancy.

Femicide represents today, one of the deadliest plagues in modern Italy: as the United Nations reported in 2012, “domestic abuse is the most pervasive form of violence in Italy”.

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