Why Sanders would not turn America into Venezuela



While many fear that Sanders would turn the US into Venezuela, history, culture and other countries show that this would not be the case.

I can see the fear of Americans when hearing the word socialism; with Venezuela and its collapsing economy in mind, everyone would be terrified at the idea of queuing for hours in front of empty shops, unsuccessfully trying to feed their families, or at the thought of an utterly centralized and iron-fist Government expropriating private companies.

Sanders is not and cannot be another Chavez.

But Sanders is not another Chavez or another Maduro and he would not turn America into Venezuela, even if he wanted to (which he doesn’t): because America and Venezuela have different histories and pasts, and in the USA there will never be the same political conditions that led to the election of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela. It is a matter of culture, not only politics, and even more importantly of maturity of democracy: America has always been a democratic country, at least in terms of how elections are held, and the legitimacy of the vote is out of discussion. There are no doubts either that a President has to and will leave office at the end of the mandate, or that Chrysler will not become the new state-owned company. Thanks to its history, America can be the watchdog of its politicians, and this is what makes incomprehensible for a foreign observer all these fears about Sanders, who, by the way, is rather a social democrat than a socialist.

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