Brexit: a bad idea turned reality

United_Kingdom_EU_referendum_2016_area_results_2-tone.svgWith little more than 50% of the votes, the Leave party has succeeded in what could be Britain’s biggest mistake in its recent history.


It was too close to call for hours, but eventually, the polling stations returned their result and David Cameron, whose leadership is now shakier than ever, will have to start the procedure to invoke Article 50. While Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, the most vocal supporters of the leave faction are celebrating by calling the 23 of June the “new Independence Day” and urging the Prime Minister’s resignation without further ado, dark clouds are hanging over Britain’s future.

The pound is plummeting.

Immediately after the results were made officially available, the pound started to plummet, as expected, reaching its lowest point in more than 30 years and dragging with it a number of other stock markets, European and not. No one knows if and when it will start gaining again, but it’s unlikely it will be in the short term.

The economy will suffer for a long time.

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    1. Thank you for your comment: while I surely do not wish it for England, I think that this decision will impact their lives for longer than possibly imagined by the “leavers”. I hope though that it will be an opportunity for the EU to learn about its own responsibility in the outcome of the vote, and possibly for other countries to realise that leaving the EU is not the panacea for all national problems.

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      1. Well, every generation has to learn anew the importance of peace and unity. And that’s quite sad, because that means that every generation has to repeat the same mistakes the former generation already did. I experience that in my own country (Germany), where people are starting to come up with racism again. But in this case I have the strong impression that Britannia didn’t wanna be a real part of the EU anyway and that they were always trying to do their own thing. And I guess this is the reason why the EU has so many problems: So many nations are trying to do their own thing and do not really care about the Union. They want the benefits, but not the responsibilities.


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