El Salvador, where a miscarriage can send you to jail

maxresdefaultIn 1997, at the end of a 12 years long civil war, El Salvador’s new Government has undergone a profound review of its Penal system and proceed to institute a total ban on abortion, previously allowed in case the mother’s health was at risk, the pregnancy was consequence of rape or incest or if the fetus presented heavy malformations.

A woman having an abortion could face up to 8 years imprisonment, and the same sentence can be inflicted to whoever might have assisted her, and, in the case of a health care professional, the time to be spent in jail can reach 12 years.

Contextually, it was established that life begins at conception, therefore making more complicated in the future to revise the newly introduced legislation on abortion; many human and women rights organizations had tried to oppose this turn in the Salvadorian jurisprudence, but were almost completely denied the possibility to participate in the debate, while ultra-conservative and ultra-religious group found abundant space to support their position.

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