Brexit is about many things, but Europe is not one of them

Let’s be clear: the European Union is not perfect. The UK referendum has provided the EU with a golden chance to take a long deep look at itself and fix its shortcomings.

And while is legitimate for a country to leave the Union, the whole Brexit debate was not about Europe. Rather, it was a clash between what the UK used to be – and won’t be again- and what it is now.

Let’s take our country back. Back from whom?

The leavers have repeated it endlessly. “Let’s take our country back!” Too bad no one from the “remain” faction has bothered asking them who’s stolen their country. For sure, it was not the EU.

If Farage & Co. were referring to the non-European immigration, then here is a good news for them. No one from the EU is pushing immigrants toward the UK. In fact, when adopting the Lisbon Treaty, the British Government stroke quite a nice deal. The UK is not forced to share the immigrants’ quota – differently from the other 27 member states- unless its Government decides to do so voluntarily.

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