The conversation about integration that Europe is refusing to have.

November_2015_Paris_attacks_-_French_Embassy_in_Warsaw_-_2015-11-14_-_2.jpgIn the aftermath of the July attacks in France and Germany, Europe is still refusing to rediscuss its integration model. And by doing so, it exposes its citizens to even more risks.


July has left France and Germany appalled in front of an expected surge of violence. Nice, Rouen, Ansbach, and Wuerzburg have re-sparkled the debate over immigration. All the attacks, claimed by the Islamic State (IS), seemed to indicate that the war is on Europe’s doorsteps, if not yet inside its border.

But the situation is more complex than that. Blaming immigration for the events of July is an oversimplification that does not take into account the social context in which these immigrants have plotted and executed their actions.

It ignores the background stories behind those unspeakable acts. Stories of unemployment or under-employment, of barely treated psychological problems, and of social exclusion.

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