Barbie is Running for President – Because Girls Can be Anything they Want.

Barbie is running for president, and for the first time she is doing so in an all-female ticket. Mattel has just released the new President and Vice President dolls, created with the support of She Should Run, a non-partisan organization that aims to inspire girls and women to explore their leadership potential.

The new dolls are part of a larger effort to portray Barbie in fields largely dominated by men.

Erin Loos Cutraro, co-founder, and CEO of She Should Run told LadyFreethinker, “There are over 500.000 elected offices across the country and we need to be grooming more women to run for them”.

A report by the United Nations shows a global political environment still dominated by men. In August 2015, out of 195 nations, there were 11 women heads of state and 10 heads of government. Women occupied only 17% of the government minister. At the Parliament level, the situation was slightly better with 22% of women MPs. Yet, this is still far below the benchmark for valuable representation (30%).

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