America Has Destroyed Everyone’s American Dream

Trump’s victory turns the clock back at least 60 years for Americans and the world alike. And after decades of flourishing culture, civil rights, and progress, the American dream, as we knew it, is over.

I have to admit it. When Trump first announced his candidacy, I laughed. It was impossible to believe that a man who behaved like a buffoon would sit in the Oval Office. We elected one in Italy, back in the days of Silvio Berlusconi, to run our Government, but I assumed America, to which we so often looked up at, would know better.

It was inconceivable to think that the country that elected the first black President in its history would suddenly choose a man who made of racism one of his campaign banners. That the same nation that proudly said, “Yes, we can,” would now call all Mexicans rapists and drug dealers.

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