“The” cats

My journey toward becoming a crazy cat lady has started.

Z is for Zoo.

Z is for Zoo.

Here it comes, at the 11th hour, the last post of my AtoZ challenge and it has to be about my cats, my personal zoo.

I mentioned them here and there, but I think they deserve finally a proper introduction.

Although they are brothers, they are quite different, the opposite, actually: Maelstrom (the white one) is a cat as you would imagine a cat. Snobbish, elegant, usually comes around for food or cuddles only at his earliest convenience.

Otherwise, he can be spotted doing some work around the house: just recently, he entered an IT career by chewing my MacBook charger (not plugged) and rearranging my bedroom curtains (by removing them).
Cagliostro (the grey one) is the other way round: he loves cuddles, and follows you around the house, always.


Literally, everywhere.


What my cat taught me today

Wise cat getting some rest

I had a rough time this weekend, not my best 48 hours to be honest.
Still I have learnt some valuable lessons from Maelstrom today:

-the one and only real enemy in the universe is vacuum cleaner
-it is perfectly OK every now and then to sleep 16 hours and wake up only to get food
-it is vital that even in the laziest and darkest days you find at least 15 minutes to play like there is no tomorrow

Thanks Maelstrom for the insight, now it is time to shred some curtains..ehm..I mean, preparing for the week ahead.