Today I can write about Orlando; but yesterday I was not told about Orlando.

Toda13445667_10209957191596574_6508993483936675573_ny I can write about Orlando. I can join the chorus of those trying to understand “why” – like one could make sense of non-sense-, who is responsible, “it’s the religion”, “no, this is extremism, not religion”, “it is because in America you can buy guns like you would buy an aspirin”.

Personally, I think is all of them. I think that when you believe in whichever God so much that you go on a killing spree, you are not religious, you are – no offence, or yes, I honestly do not care- a nut-job; I am not religious but I know a bunch of religious (different religions) people who would never do that. So I think that yes, the guy was an extremist and even more, he was out of his mind; I am also pretty confident that while religions are dangerous to mankind, if there was not a religion to justify hate, there would be something else. While I consider the world would be better without worshippers of any God, I am possibly cynical enough to imagine that someone would come up with something different to attack other people and we would go back to square one.

Because for how much we pride ourselves of being human, we are also able of the most ferocious atrocities. So much for being better than animals.

Yes, I also think that putting a gun in whoever’s hand is kind of dangerous. Maybe because I did not grow up with this culture, but I am damn happy to know that the guy next door, if he wishes to hold a gun, needs to go through a number of checks and tests to make sure he is not likely to shoot me.

Today I can also- and rightfully so- bitterly laugh at some of the posts I read here and there on Facebook “Let’s send them all home” (btw, who would you send home if the person holds your same passport? If he calls home the same country you call home?”), “Trump is the solution”, “it is God’s will because they were sinners”; really, as I write I feel ashamed for those who think like this.

People who consider the dead of another human being God’s will should seriously start looking for a different God to honour (if they cannot live without), because a God who wishes death upon people (whom he supposedly created) definitely sucks. Big time.

If I were brave, I could also try to depict the pain these families are feeling, or express my sympathies to them, who maybe waved goodbye to their sons and relatives thinking to see them again in the morning, just to see them again, yes, but dead. But I know that a thousands words would not give justice to the hell on earth these families are living now; and will live for a long time, forever. And forever is a very long time.

Today I can write about Orlando, but yesterday I was not told about Orlando. Until late yesterday Orlando was missing from the headlines of the mainstream Italian newspapers; and today, it still has a ridiculous amount of support on social media (at least in Europe) compared with Brussels or Paris – even though still more than the killings in Aleppo few weeks ago or the numerous deaths in Africa almost on a daily basis- .

And while I am not saying that updating a Facebook profile with the Tour Eiffel or a Belgian flag means anything – surely not to the victims’ families or the victims themselves- I stand by the idea that as long as a massacre is less “fashion” than another because the former involves gay people and the latter so called traditional families queuing at a Belgian airport and as long as a dead person is less mainstream because of his or her sexual orientation, well, we should look deeply and hard inside ourselves and see if we are so much different from those we call “extremist”.

Sure, we do not take a gun and shoot people, but if we start ranking the value of a tragedy based on the “kind” of victims then we should all just shut up and be ashamed.