It all starts here

“Why blogging?” someone asked me once.

“Why not” I answered.

So here I am, sharing my path with who wants to read it.

I should be saying something about me, possibly. There is no greatest challenge than defining yourself in writing – this is also why I decided to blog -, but I will give it a try, knowing too well that who I am today might not be who I will be tomorrow.

I’m sailing toward the big 4, with the same naivety I had 20 years ago. I love writing, but it is not my job. I wish it was, but my creativity has been locked away to give space to a more realistic profession. “The” book I wanted to write, however, is still there, in my head. Maybe one day, it will go away. Or it will go on paper. Who knows.

I love reading. I cannot imagine my life without a book in my hands – yep, still old good paper books, no kindle or anything of that kind. Nothing compares with the smell of a new book, with the tactile feeling of turning paper pages, for me. I read a bit of everything, apart from romantic novels and Sci-Fi. I read in a completely unorganised way. The only rule is that I do not start a new book unless the previous one is finished. Apart from that, I could go months on history books or jump from narrative, to biography, to thriller in a random way. Sometimes, I do a lottery of books to read when I am unsure which one is the next one. Sometimes, I cheat on the lottery results.

If I am not reading, I am possibly watching movies, tv series, or documentaries. Again, in a completely random order. Today, I could be watching the life and death of the Russian Tchars and tomorrow binge-watch documentaries on real life crimes.

I suffer from abandonment syndrome when a good tv-series ends. I copy quotes from my favourite characters and use them as motivational stuff when I am down.

I have been down a lot recently. I found out how easy it is to believe you have it all just to have to realise, in the blink of an eye, that you had nothing. I am crawling my way back to a place of peace inside my mind. One step forward, three steps back sometimes. Three steps forward, one step back some other times. I have been hurt, and I have hurt other people. I am learning to forgive and forget and ask for forgiveness. One step forward, three steps back sometimes. Three steps forward, one step back some other times.

After a life as a proud dog owner, I have recently adopted 2 kittens. They are adorable, well, at least in my eyes, and keep me a lot of company, when they are not busy sleeping, being royally elegant or trying to shred the house. But hey, if they have time after all these activities, they might dignify me with some cuddles!

Does all of this make this blog worth reading? It is not my call. I wish it does, but I am a biased judge on this.

Does all of this make this blog worth writing? It surely does.

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