America Has Destroyed Everyone’s American Dream

Trump’s victory turns the clock back at least 60 years for Americans and the world alike. And after decades of flourishing culture, civil rights, and progress, the American dream, as we knew it, is over.

I have to admit it. When Trump first announced his candidacy, I laughed. It was impossible to believe that a man who behaved like a buffoon would sit in the Oval Office. We elected one in Italy, back in the days of Silvio Berlusconi, to run our Government, but I assumed America, to which we so often looked up at, would know better.

It was inconceivable to think that the country that elected the first black President in its history would suddenly choose a man who made of racism one of his campaign banners. That the same nation that proudly said, “Yes, we can,” would now call all Mexicans rapists and drug dealers.

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Whoever Wins in November, The Cuban Embargo Must End Immediately

President_Obama_Meets_with_President_Castro.pngHillary Clinton and Donald Trump have both sided with Obama’s opening toward Cuba, even though with different degree of enthusiasm. Regardless of who will sit in the Oval Office, and despite the possible antagonism of the Congress, the embargo has to end as soon as possible, unless the US wants to live in the past forever. 

Both Hillary Clinton and Donal Trump have paid only cursory attention to Cuba in the last months. Since President Obama reopened the channel of communication with Raul Castro, it seems a no-brain that whoever is elected to the White House will continue the “unfreezing” of the mutual relations.

Donald Trump has been more cryptic than Clinton, though. He agreed with Obama’s opening but wished the US could have had a better deal, and complained about the lack of respect shown, in his mind, by Raul Castro. Castro did not go personally to welcome Obama during his visit to Cuba, and in Trump’s view, this is a disrespectful attitude.

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Trump: ‘If We Are Attacked, Japan Can Sit Home And Watch Sony Television’ (VIDEO)

Trump has been insulting so many groups that it is impossible to keep tabs. Women, Muslims, Mexican, immigrants both illegal and now legal. And now it is Japan’s turn. Talking at one of his rallies he said, You know we have a treaty with Japan, where if Japan is attacked, we have to use the full…

Eric Trump Blames Victims Of Harassment, Lies About Khan Family, In Less Than 24 Hours (VIDEO)

The Trump family should know one thing or two about harassment, considering the pending lawsuit against Donald Trump.

And yet, they seem to be very confused.

When asked about harassment in the workplace, Donald Trump has declared,

“I would like to think she (his daughter Ivanka) would find another career or find another company if that was the case”.

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‘Erratic Behavior’: Medical Professionals Concerned Over Trump’s Mental Health

When John Oliver a few days ago called Trump a “sociopath narcissist”, he was doing what he is best at: irreverent and frank journalism. But the statement might be more than a TV catchphrase. Whispers about a questionable state of mind of the Presidential candidate are getting more and more insistent. In his latest public appearances, he seemed unable to control his temper in front of criticisms and to form full sentences. He alternated unempathetic behaviors with the exaltation of his own grandiosity.

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As A Shock To No One, Trump Gets Everything Wrong With Answer On Ukraine (VIDEO)

“[Putin’s] not going into Ukraine, okay, just so you understand. He’s not going to go into Ukraine, all right? You can mark it down. You can put it down. You can take it anywhere you want,” declared Donald Trump during an interview with ABC News. And even when journalist George Stephanopoulos informed him that Putin is already in Ukraine, he refused to admit his mistake.

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